• "OMU - Ecological mobility on holiday"
    100% Electric car sharing in Bamberg

  • "Vacation with a clear conscience"
    Our vehicles are powered by 100% green electricity

  • "Available around the clock"
    With the help of the OMU app, the vehicles can be booked and used directly

You are on vacation in Bamberg and would like to make an emission-free trip to the surrounding area?

It has never been easier to explore Bamberg and its surroundings quickly, reliably and climate neutrally. Use the OMU electric vehicles for a few hours or several days to get to know the area around Bamberg.

Whether you are a tourist or a citizen, with just three simple steps, you can now experience a new generation of mobility with the fleet of OMU electric vehicles. Register, reserve, drive off - simple, safe and ecologically sustainable!

1. Download

Download the OMU app from your trusted app store.

2. Registration

In addition to the registration, the verification of your driver's license will take place.

3. Booking

After successful booking, the vehicle can be opened via smartphone.

Download & Pricing

3,00 EUR

per hour


0,29 EUR

per km travelled

Book vehicles at any time

With the help of the OMU-App*, you are provided with all the necessary functions for using our service.


Convenient booking in advance
online or via the App

Short Wait Times

Registration and online driving test available 24/7 - in less than ten minutes!

Direct Use

Opening and locking the vehicle is done with the help of the app.


Five e-vehicles at five fixed Locations*

Transparent Costs

Billing is based on time and kilometers (daily and weekly rates can also be booked)

Charging Costs

During the use of our vehicles, electricity charging with 100% green electricity is included.


Any more questions? Here are the most important answers at a glance.

How is registration done?

Registration is done directly in the app. You are required to be 21 years or older and have an EU driver's license for at least 1 year. 

For your user account you need your email address. 

What means of payment can be used?

Payment can be made either with your credit card or PayPal account. 

How do I reserve a vehicle?

The reservation of the vehicle is done directly in the app. 

What can be done if the vehicle is dirty?

If the car is dirty, please contact us by email at the beginning of your trip. Please tell us the license plate number, location, date and time. 

What can be done if the vehicle is damaged?

Please notify us of any damage directly in the app. If the vehicle is not ready to drive, please contact us by phone. 

Can pets be transported with the vehicle?

Unfortunately, pets can not be transported with the vehicle. 

Can the vehicle be used outside the city?

Yes, the vehicle can also be used for trips outside the city. 

Where can I park the vehicle?

The vehicle can be parked anywhere it is permitted. 

How to make a temporary stop?

A temporary stop can be specified directly in the app. 

How to charge the vehicle?

The vehicle can be charged at all charging stations. A charging card is provided for this purpose. 

How to proceed in case of an accident?

First, please get to safety and provide first aid if necessary. If possible, please secure the scene of the accident. Then call the police as soon as possible. Only then contact our customer service by phone. We will then explain to you what to do. 

What to do in case of breakdown?

Please call our customer service. 

What do I do if I get a speeding ticket or a traffic ticket?

In this case, we will receive the relevant mail and then contact you for further clarification. 

Is it possible to add a child car seat?

Unfortunately, child car seats are not yet available.

Where can I park the vehicle and finish the booking?

OMU is a station-based e-car sharing system, you always end the booking where you have rented your vehicle. For the locations in the parking garages, use the long-term parking card stored in the vehicle to enter the parking garage free of charge. 

What do I do if the OMU parking space is occupied?

The OMU parking spaces are reserved exclusively for OMU vehicles. If you still have problems, please call the hotline.

What should I do if the charging process does not work?

Check whether you have plugged in the cable correctly. If this does not help, please call the hotline.

What do I do if my smartphone does not work / the battery is empty?

Try to charge your smartphone. If this is not possible, call the hotline via another phone.

Step-by-step Instructions

How exactly does the booking of a car take place?

  • 1.

    Simply download via the app and register for free

  • 2.

    Have the driver's license verified via the integrated verification function

  • 3.

    Select and reserve the car for the desired period of time

  • 4.

    Use the car for the trip and take breaks exactly where you want to

  • 5.

    Return the car to the original location and connect it to the charging station

  • 6.

    Invoicing is done by e-mail, transfer conveniently the way you prefer

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